Handling Bin Locations with SAP Business One 9.0

Now with SAP Business One 9.0, you can manage bin locations allocated in your warehouses. SAP Business One helps you in providing more traceability in warehouses by implementing the bin location functionality.

Handling warehouses physically is a big challenge specifically if number of inventory items is in large numbers; like in retail business of shopping malls, vehicle spare parts business, electronic goods, medicines, etc. In previous versions of SAP B1 locating the inventory in the warehouse was a difficult task. But with the release of SAP Business One Solutions 9.0 new feature “Bin Location” handling physical inventory in warehouse becomes easy.  Now you can divide the warehouses into various zones and hence bin locations can be created. The new feature can speed up the process of receipts, tracking physical inventory and issues of inventory in the bin locations.

Bin Location Related Documents

When you enable the warehouse with bin location function for intended warehouses, bin locations are maintained for all receipts and issues of inventory in the applicable warehouses. With the bin location management processing of following documents or transactions will be affected:

Goods receipt PO A/R invoice + payment
Goods return A/R invoice
A/P invoice A/R credit memo
A/P credit memo Goods receipt
Goods issue Inventory transfer
Inventory taking Receipt from production
Issue for production Pick and Pack
Delivery Return

You can by default enforce the bin locations for every item. In by default option the every item will be allocated by default location of bin even if you defined different bin locations in the form settings window. In addition to this, you cannot even allocate any other bin location available manually.   But if the bin locations are not active in the system, SAP Business One will not allocate any bin allocation automatic. In this case, manual allocation for the received items has to be done. The option to define the maximum storage limit is available for the default bin location but it doesn’t affect the receipt of items in the default bin locations

The bin allocation helps in optimizing the stock movement as well as faster order processing. The basic cycle counting is accelerated due increase in efficiency of physical counting techniques. The real time information of the inventory helps the ERP software in Delhi to take control and make better decisions. Hence helps you in defining the benchmark KPI settings for the warehouse efficiency parameters.

Know SAP Business One Solution

SAP Business One is German universal software that create enterprise resource planning solution and has built an image of a genius software vendor by providing a corporate world with dependable product. SAP Business One partner in India which addresses the need for transparent, affordable, and productive ERP capabilities for small and medium sized business to be best in decades, and allow them to subsidized their investment and embrace upcoming technologies and trends.

SAP creation has allowed SAP service provider in India to reach out to the midmarket through its partners and also to gain additional business from the smaller subsidiaries of its enterprise customers. India is one of the fastest growing Country in the world hence Indian companies require to grow faster and SAP Business One provides integration technologies for these purposes so SAP puts the strength of the most successful, reputed, innovative and fastest growing software leaders behind you who will help you to integrate your existing websites, consolidation of multiple ERP solutions.

SAP Service Provider in India will manage every aspect of your company and is designed with flexibility in mind and available on-demand – from sales, service and purchase to inventory to manufacturing to financial management and operations. SAP Business One Partner in Delhi ncr provides the small and medium business software you need to get up and running quickly and add functionality as you grow. SAP system comprises of a number of fully integrated modules and main motive behind developing it is fulfilling the requirements in business processing and main technical reasons the number of companies are implementing their business with SAP :

o Highly configurable
o Highly secure data handling
o Data consistency
o Capitalize on economics of sales

• SAP Business 1 is an affordable integrated business management solution that offers the comprehensive assortment of capabilities needed to run your business, for general ledger and banking activities to service sales and inventory operation provides all the functions you need to gain greater control over your company and succeed in today’s competitive business environment.SAP Business One Partner in Delhi share common goal for up growth and drive new sources of innovation for our customers, work hand in hand to create a system in which customers can reap the benefits of technology and expertise simultaneously. ERP is a package with echniques and concepts for integrated management of business as a whole, to use management resources effectively, to improve the efficiency of the enterprise. SAP, leader among ERP systems for more than 30 years made more than 140,000 installations worldwide, over 25 industry-specific business solutions and more than 75,000 customers in 120 countries.


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Is your Company growing? Streamline your operations and manage your growth well

As the economic climate changes every day, sustaining the business growth becomes a challenge irrespective of the industry. However, it is possible to take advantage of tools and systems that help you streamline the process and reach your goals quickly and effectively. SAP Business One solution is one such tool.

Now the question arises, HOW? SAP B1 is an integrated Business Management Solution which helps you to focus on the growth of your business by looking at the whole of your organization. This can be done in four ways.

It helps in integrating your entire business. The solution can help you access data about production & operating costs, inventory, company finances, sales, human resource etc. With the system intact, you get all the data readily available and nothing gets missed out. And, since it connects your entire business, it also prevents re-entering of data thus eliminating errors, redundant data, and reducing the time spent by your staff.

What’s the best way to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction and taking the right business decisions? Analysis of the organization via reports. The system helps you in creating these reports quickly and easily; thus identifying areas in which a few subtle changes would allow you to reach your goals more effectively.

B1 creates a network within the company and allows easy communication among the partners, subsidiaries and management by providing them access to the data and information they need. It ensures that all the decision makers and stakeholders have access to the same data, so that they all can focus on the task at hand.

The solution is readily expandable. Thus it ensures that you won’t outgrow your business management platform. Besides, the tool is very easy to implement, it also comes with a range of add-on solutions designed to increase functionality and support the changing needs of your business.

Uneecops, one of the leading SAP Business One Partner in India  ensures that the information you need is readily available both now, as you undertake expansion, and later, as you continue to grow. Streamlining data and operations – and accessing the reports you need to track your progress – with our Sap Business One Partner in Delhi,ncr solution you can keep business on track as your organization evolves.